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C1 Anesthetic Machine

C1 Anesthetic Machine

Product Overview
The anesthesia machine has integrated all major ventilation modes such as assist, control and assist-control ventilation. It offers comprehensive monitoring and has a clear display interface, to help perform high quality anesthesia delivery and management.

The anesthesia machine is suitable for inhalational anesthesia delivery for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.

1. The anesthesia machine offers a high-precision output as low as 20ml.
2. It has automatic tidal volume and compliance compensation.
3. The anesthesia machine offers spontaneous and manual respiratory MV monitoring function.
4. It has electronic PEEP function.
5. The anesthesia delivery workstation uses autoclavable and latex free components.
6. Users can benefit from the tool-free maintenance and cleaning of this equipment.
7. The anesthesia machine is CE compliant, so clients can feel secure in purchasing it.

Specifications of C1 Anesthetic Machine
Dimension 810x860x1360 mm (WxDxH )
Weight 110 kg
Anesthetic type Halothane, Enflurane , Isoflurane , Sevoflurane , Desflurane
Gas supply O2+N2O, or O2+N2O+Air
Input pressure 280~650 kpa (350~400kpa is recommended)
Standard vent. mode VCV, PCV, PLV, PSV, SIMV+VCV+PS, SIMV+PCV+PS
Display screen 12.1" color
Value display (Set and measured) Tidal volume, minute volume, respiratory rate, I:E ratio, pressure limit
Airway pressure (Ppeak , Pmean , Pmax , Pplateau , PEEP)
FiO2%, Compliance (ml/cmH2O)
Pressure support level, Inspiratory Window, P-trigger, Inspiratory End
EtCO2 and InCO2 (optional)
CSI, BS%, SQI%, EMG% (Optional)
Graphic display P-T, F-T, V-T waveforms
P-V, P-F, F-V loops (for compliance, resistance , leakage analysis)
EtCO2 waveforms (when optional EtCO2 module is present)
CSI, BS%, SQI, EMG waveforms (when optional CSM is present)
Optional expansion Anesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS)
EtCO2 (mainstream/sidestream ) module
CSM module (anesthetic depth and trend)
Anesthetic information management system
External patient monitor
Other equipment

Although we offer a wide range of optional devices for The anesthesia machine, here is a brief instruction of EEG-based consciousness monitoring expansion-CSM,which help improve inhalational anesthesia quality and cut down the cost greatly.

What's CSM?
CSM is a new small handheld electroencephalogram (EEG) monitor for determining depth and trend of anaesthesia. It can be used together with patient monitor, anesthesia delivery system, ceiling supply unit, etc. Stand-alone operation is also available.

The cerebral state monitor can offer you the following benefits
1. Quantitative assessment of consciousness
2. Optimal surgical condition determining
3. Shorter recovery time
3. Less drug usage
4. Lower surgery cost

1. Multi-parameter EEG waveform is displayed.
2. CSM Link Software™ for case documentation.
3. Cerebral State Index (CSI) of 0-100 is displayed on all screens.
4. Rechargeable battery operation is available.

Specifications of Cerebral State Monitor (CSM)
Dimension 114x60x31 mm
Weight 130g with battery
Display size 32x17 mm
Classification Internal power supply/ Class II, type BF, continuous use
Memory Data recording 18 hours
Digital output Wireless to RS232 link (ISM 2.4 GHz)
Wireless range Up to 10 meters
Work condition Temperature 10–40°C/50–104°F
Rel. humidity 30–75%
Air pressure 700–1060 hPa
Battery 9V Alkaline or rechargeable NiMH (6AM6/IEC:6LR61/ ANSI:1604A)
Supply current 25mA (typical)
Battery lifetime: Alkaline 32h (stand alone) 18h (transmitting wireless)
Battery lifetime: Rechargeable 12h (stand alone) 8h (transmitting wireless)
Alarms with user selectable CSI high/low limit
Artefact rejection Automatic
Sensor impedance range 0-10kOhm / measurement current 0.01μA
EEG sensitivity ±400μV
Noise < 2μVp-p, < 0.4μV RMS, 1–250 Hz
CMR >140dB
Input impedance >50MOhm
Sample rate 2000 samples/sec. (14 bits equivalent)
CSI and update 0-100. Filter 6-42 Hz, 1 sec. update
EMG 0-100 logarithmic. Filter 75-85 Hz, 1 sec. update
BS% 0-100%. Filter 2-42 Hz, 1 sec. update

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