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Electrosurgical Generator

  • A1 Electrosurgical GeneratorA1 Electrosurgical Generator combines versatility and safety, for all general electrosurgical procedures such as cutting and coagulation in clinics, offices and emergency rooms.
    A1 Electrosurgical Generator offers a maximum power output of 400 watts.
  • A2 Electrosurgical GeneratorA2 Electrosurgical Generator comes with an easy to use interface.
    It ensures smooth cutting through all types of tissue.
    The electrosurgical generator has automatic current monitoring and program memory function.
  • A3 Electrosurgical GeneratorA3 Electrosurgical Generator is designed to perform high precision surgical procedures at lower power setting and lower thermal damage risk.
    Optional adaptor for laparoscopy and thoracoscopy application is available.
  • A4 Electrosurgical GeneratorA4 Electrosurgical Generator is a reliable electrosurgical unit for loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) in gynecology. With up to 150 watts maximum isolated output, automatic current monitoring and compensation functions...

This company develops and manufactures a wide range of electrosurgical generators to help physician perform high precision and safe surgical procedures in office, clinic and emergency room.