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Product Overview
EB02 electrosurgical generator is a multi-purpose electrosurgical unit for all around procedures, which ensures smooth cutting through all types of tissue. With up to 350 watts maximum output, program memory and current monitoring function, it will be your reliable and highly efficient electrosurgical solution.

1. The electrosurgical generator offers automatic solid or split return electrode recognition function.
2. It adopts an easy to use interface for convenient operation.
3. Optional adaptor for laparoscopy and thoracoscopy application is available.
4. The electrosurgical generator has 6 monopolar output.
5. It features isolated output, all floating.

Specifications of EB02 Electrosurgical Generator
Model EB02
Dimension 365*462*190mm(W*D*H)
Weight 17 kg
Protection class I
Unit type CF
Input power supply 220V ± 10%/50Hz
Working frequency 512KHZ
Working mode
Cut mode
Pure 350 watts at 500 ohms
Blend1 300 watts at 500 ohms
Blend2 200 watts at 500 ohms
Blend3 150 watts at 500 ohms
Coagulation mode
Point 100 watts at 500 ohms
Soft 100 watts at 500 ohms

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